Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a traditional form of Chinese medicine that has been used successfully for thousands of years.  Traditionally fire was used to create suction by drawing oxygen out of a glass cup and then precisely placed on meridian points. A lot has changed in the past 10 years... let alone 1000's, so here at PAC we use a safer method of cupping achieved by suction and high density Korean made cups.

Here at PAC we believe that every "body" provides a story through the reaction of cupping.  No matter how old or young, short or tall, we all have story to tell and that is how we shift the narrative within the pain body of each client.

The main problem of this "body" is a sport called Field Hockey.  A sport that heavily relies on the the body being hunched over and predominantly using one side of your torso. 

As much as we love to move when we are young, too much of a good thing can always be detrimental.  Here at PAC we do not advise student athletes to specialise in one sport until they are 18 years of age.  Doing so too young can lead to conditions such as "Scoliosis" , "Kyphosis" & "Lordosis". Development of a specific sport during a growth spurt can be sudden and painful, this can also cause superficial stretch mark to occur.

Through the wonder of cupping, we are able to extract toxins and trapped blood (Sha), that is confined within these structural imbalances. Helping to relieve pain and discomfort that is eliminated by the body once on the surface level.  With the use of the "Anatomy Trains" myofascial meridian charts, we can the release and activate other muscle groups that are part of the chain and create harmony within the body and our clients body narrative. 

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), provides the perfect Western-Scientific solution to the age old problem of muscular imbalances.  However it also works wonders for muscles that have been deactivated (turned off) through pregnancy, injury or trauma.

The narrative for this "body" was that of injury and sports... shall we guess what sport it was again... Field Hockey.  However the story runs deeper and further down the kinetic chain.  Breaking a bone for any person will be a traumatic experience, however breaking your Femur (thigh bone) under the age of 10 can have dramatic repercussions. Breaking a large bone will create a ripple effect throughout the body as we begin to move again, muscles that have lay dormant within a cast and through inactivity will turn off with the simple concept of "use it or loose it". This can then lead to severe consequences if rehabilitation is not performed correctly.  Luckily EMS allows us to help to wake up imbalanced muscles and teach them how to fire correctly, helping with pain and strength issues caused by our life story. Here at PAC we don't tell clients to rest injuries, we find ways to enhance there current situation and create quality of life. 

Myofascial Scraping

Myofascial Scraping (Gua Sha), may be the most primitive of all techniques used here at PAC. However the feeling and results are out of this world! Lets put it bluntly... Myofascial Scarping is in essence "meat tenderisation".  Through this technique we are able to break down scar tissue, knots and tight tendons using a variety of scraping tools. (However my favourite tool is still a good old fashioned wooden cup).

Through a deep understanding of the bodies anatomy, we are able to produce some amazing results with such a basic tool. Reading body shapes and make ups becomes a everyday passion here at PAC and on certain days we get "bodies" that continue to tell stories of trails and tribulations. Cricket is another one sided sport that provides countless stories written in red within clients back and chains. With the help of Meridian charts, Anatomy Trains & the ancient art of Gua Sha we can transform a body through layers of expertly scraped facial release. 

Above we can see the compression on the left side as this cricketer bats and bowls with a right handed domination, leaning and twisting into the left of his body as he bats and releases the ball in his bowling action. Here at PAC we not only release the trapped toxins and knots confined within the body. We also stimulate and "Activate" to make sure the muscles are used correctly in the future. Your life story is only as good as your next chapter, why not re-write this chapter with the help of PAC's life changing techniques. 

Pure Activation Coaching (PAC) is not a simple training technique, its is a holistic blend of treatments and fitness tools that encompass Health, Injuries and personal growth.  Physical strength and development is then a by product of PAC's training ethos.  Leading to a more consistent performance increase, with decreased injury risk through ongoing treatment.