Home of the Pure Activation Pyramid (PAP) and creator of one of the most innovative training paradigms available within the sports and fitness communities. Throughout this website you can find information regarding the techniques and philosophies that underpin Pure Activation's training approach. While keeping up to date with tips and trends, and assessing how PAC can help you on your way to achieving your fitness and sporting dreams

The foundational image of the Pure Activation Pyramid (PAP) is a referral guide that underpins every facet of Pure Activation's training ethos.  Grounding this holistic philosophy is the "Key" notion that Connective tissue (fascia), is the most underdeveloped paradigm within most athletes training regimes.  

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Over time we all create tightness and imbalances within our facial chains and slings, this eventually leads to injury and lack of mobility within every human being on our planet.  Pure Activation's Myofascial Mobility techniques are a combination of east meets west, and traditional versus scientific, that create the equilibrium we are all looking for within our connective tissue.

Functional Strength is a decade worth of personal training experience, that blends weights and fitness tools to harmonise any athletes training regime.  

While Dynamic Flexability is a yogic inspired formulation, constructed into sports specific movements and flows that add functional range of motion into sports and everyday activities.